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Bill and Peggy Sopher

Hours after I surrendered to Jesus, the Lord introduced me to Peggy. Soon after we were married. The Lord immediately opened the hearts of the kids in our neighborhood to Him. Our home became His sanctuary for them, beginning our lives as His ambassadors. Jesus gave us a great love for home fellowship & missions from the start.


Peggy’s amazing gifts of compassion and love, in a Generous Servants Heart led us to Heart Ministries in February 1987. We quickly became immersed in ministry with Jim Arnold and the youth. By the summer of 1989 we were bringing teams to Vincente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico. In December of 1997 we moved to Baja.


Then mountains were moved in 2015 - 2016 where we became a part of the YWAM family. It was through YWAM Kona that a deeper love for Mexico was birthed in our hearts. In 2017, we were invited to establish a YWAM location in Mexico through YWAM Chico. With the help of YWAM Mendocino and YWAM Montana, in 2018-2019, we found blueprints of walking in Spirit and Truth, that which we continue to pursue here at YWAM VG.  Here we are entrusted with being a "launching pad" that we deeply desired and look forward to growing as an epicenter of transformation.

It’s all HIS-STORY

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